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Expand Your Mattress Selection

If there was a way to affordably and easily expand your product lines as a mattress or furniture store owner, would you pursue it? Having a wide product variety can help ensure that you have the product that your potential customers are looking for. At SP National Management we are committed to helping retail locations expand their mattress selection without breaking the bank.

Product Variety

At SP National Management, we stock, restore and supply the most overstock and liquidation mattresses to retail locations in the country. Our available factory second mattresses include top of the line brands that your customers have grown to trust in a wide variety of sizes. Whenever you need to increase your inventory, SP National Management can deliver you an ample mix of product that is designed to sell to your store’s particular demographic needs.

High-Quality Mattresses

While the concept of a factory second mattress has gotten a bad rep for many business owners, we have perfected the process of sanitizing and restoring these mattresses to meet their original quality. Even with the extra effort put into ensuring the best possible product, we still provide processed, promo brand name Queen and King mattresses starting below $100. We are confident you and your customers will be satisfied with the quality of our products

Demographic Specific Shipments

Depending on the target demographics of your individual business, we can provide the factory second mattress brands and sizes that are most likely to sell for your specific retail location. You will still have access to the same great product variety available through SP National Management. With our access to high-quality mattresses, you can easily expand your mattress selection.

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