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Pass Value On To Your Customers

There is no easier way to connect with your customers and build lasting relationships than by providing them a quality product at an excellent value. In the modern economy, most individuals will research a product and look for the best possible price before taking the plunge and spending money on it. For this reason, having the ability to pass value to your customers with factory second mattresses has never been more important.

What Are Factory Second Mattresses?

If you are new to the mattress industry or are a seasoned vet, you likely have heard of factory second mattresses. While, in the past, many retailers have shirked away from factory second mattresses, modern sanitization and restoration processes have made the value obtained by reselling factory second mattresses higher than ever. At SP National Management, we have perfected this process and continually provide superior value to our partners that can be passed on to customers.

Factory second mattresses are often returned or discontinued mattresses that have been sanitized and restored to their original luster for resale. SP National Management receives daily shipments of an enormous quantity of these mattresses from all major manufacturers and resellers nationwide, and restore them to the market in pristine condition at a fraction of their original wholesale cost. This allows retailers the opportunity to pass value on to their customers while still providing superior products.

What Factory Second Brands Are Available?

SP National Management is committed to providing our partners with the top brands their customers are looking for at great prices. This includes brands such as King Koil, Simmons Beautyrest, Serta iComfort, iSeries and many more brands that your customers have put their trust in for years. We will deliver a unique mix of sizes and levels of quality based on the demographics and unique markets served by your retail location.

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