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We Provide Top Name Brand Mattresses From The Big Manufactures.

We stock, restore and supply more overstock and liquidation mattresses to retail stores than any wholesaler in the country. We deliver the highest quality liquidation merchandise nationwide at a fraction of the original cost, assuring satisfied customers and attractive margins. We also feature a complete line of first line product from manufacturers like King Koil.

Our massive 120,000 square foot warehouse is always stocked with quality products from major mattress manufacturers, in every size, type, comfort style, and level of quality. Whenever you need to increase your inventory, SP National Management can deliver to you an ample mix of products that is designed to sell to your store’s particular demographic needs.

Our Process

  • We primarily buy factory 2nd mattresses which commonly have minor cosmetic flaws. They may also include overstock, freight damaged, scuff and scratched, comfort returns, floor models, discontinued models, or mismatched sets.
  • Our exclusive restoration and cleaning process meets or exceeds all federal standards and regulations in every state we serve nationwide. Our revival mattresses are always delivered in like new condition. 

  • After going through our extensive restoring/disinfecting systems and 17-point inspection, our mattresses leave our warehouse in pristine condition.

Here are examples of our high quality product line.

Stearns & Foster Estate example mattress

Stearns & Foster Estate

Sealey Hybrid example mattress

Sealy Hybrid

Lux Estate Hybrid example mattress

Stearns & Foster
Lux Estate Hybrid

Stearns & Foster 

Kirkland example mattress


Capital Bedding example mattress

 Capital Bedding
Flip Firm

Pillow Puff Euro Top example mattress

Capital Bedding 
Pillow Puff Euro Top

Saatva example mattress


sealey hybrid example mattress

Sealy Hybrid
Posturepedic Premium

Level 1

Subject to consist of the following:
Sealy Essentials, Serta value line, Sealy value line, Spring Air, Signature 8”-12”

Level 2

Subject to consist of the following:
Non-Current Sealy Posturepedic, Performance, Premium, Plus, Spring Air, Cheswick Manor, Simmons, Casper Originals, etc. 

Level 3

Subject to consist of the following:
Current Sealy Performance, Premium, Plus, Casper, Purple, Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic, Saatva, Restonic, etc.

Level 4

Subject to consist of the following:
Stearn & Foster Kirkland, Stearn & Foster Estate, Serta I-Comfort, Sealy Hybrid Light Gray Performance, etc.

Level 5

Subject to consist of the following:
Stearn & Foster Lux Estate, Lux Estate Hybrid, Sealy Hybrid Dark Gray Performance, Non-Current Stearn & Foster Reserves, etc.

Level 6

Subject to consist of the following:
Current Stearn & Foster Reserves, etc.

How We Handle Our Mattresses

Restored Mattresses

It isn’t uncommon for some mattresses to get dented or dinged during the transportation process, or their time on the floor as a display model. Fortunately, these repairs are generally minor and don’t alter the structure or integrity of the mattress. SP National Management restores these mattresses to their previous quality so our retail partners can sell them at a discounted rate to their customers without sacrificing quality.

Overstock Mattresses

When a big-box retailer needs to make room for newer mattress models or needs to get rid of extra mattresses, they will typically sell them at a discounted rate. SP National Management has the unique opportunity to obtain them at a fraction of the cost for redistribution among our retail partners. These savings can then be passed on to your customers to expand your product lines with name-brand mattresses that your customers are shopping for. 

Liquidation Mattresses

Once a mattress retailer goes out of business and must liquidate their assets, SP National Management has the ability to procure their current stock at liquidation pricing and supply it to our retail partners to enhance their product stock. Often, these products will include many name-brand mattresses that our retail partner’s customers know and love. This allows us to create a unique product mix that suits the demographics and pricing model of each individual partner.

First Line Mattresses

If you are afraid that your customers won’t be interested in factory second mattresses, SP National Management also offers first line mattresses to suit your needs. These mattresses are obtained directly from the manufacturer and don’t require sanitization or restoration. We can custom tailor your merchandise to include a wide variety of new mattresses from well-known brands at an affordable price.

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