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Social Media & Your Mattress Business

Social Media & Your Mattress Business

Social media has become a dominant force in recent years for marketing your business online. By investing in social media you are creating a direct connection with your customers and establishing a customer service channel that is available at all times. Here are some ways you can start to build your mattress business with social media.

Find Your Audiences
Nearly 79% of internet users worldwide use Facebook according to the most recent statistics available through Pew Research Center and that number is only expected to rise in the upcoming years. The big takeaway from this is that your target demographics and potential customers are already there if you know how to find them and market your products to them. In most cases, the best place to start is with Facebook Ads that can expose your business to your targeted demographics.

Provide Great Content
If you aren’t providing great content to your audiences on social media, they won’t likely pay much attention to your posts. Make sure the posts you make are entertaining or informative to give your audiences value. If you are stuck and don’t have any ideas, re-share relevant industry news or entertaining posts to build engagement.

Be Consistent
Consistency is key if you want to build your mattress business with social media. It is important to remain diligent with your posting to continue to provide value to your audiences. If you don’t continue to provide fresh content, your progress could be lost as your audiences lose interest in your business on social media.

Be Responsive
Just having a social media page isn’t enough to help build your business. Much like a personal page, business pages should be actively engaging with customers and relevant businesses in the industry, such as mattress companies that you provide. If you aren’t regularly checking your social media accounts to reply to comments or messages, you likely won’t be receiving any benefits from having the social media pages.

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